How important is the style id assessment?

Super important! This Q&A will serve as the foundation of our design project. It will give you a place to all of your relevant information regarding your room specs, time expectation, budget, style loves, style not so much loving and more. It's the blueprint to what YOU are looking for in your new interior. Like any solid business plan, your STYLE ID will be a major component in our process and we will refer to it often.


How much time does a design process take?

We have 3 phases of our design process and each phase has a delivery time of 2 - 3 business days after your approval. Because your involvement in the entire design process is key (and life can get busy!), we totally understand if you need more time. Our goal is to always offer you the next phase when you are ready to approve.


What if I am not loving my design boards?

We respect how subjective design is. In fact, every thing visual is "in the eye of the beholder". Our role in this process is to guide, inspire and present new and fresh design perspective and product options for a room(s) makeover. Ideally our STYLE ID assessment will provide a clear foundation to our design collaboration. With anything, expectations may or may not be met. If you are unhappy or need additional boards, we are happy to work with you so you get a room design that is perfect for you.


CAN I do more thank one room at a time?

Yes! We can accommodate a full house at a time. The rate stays the same across the board: $99/room.


I love my new room but I don't feel like shopping for everything. Can you help me with this?

Yes! We can assist you with final sourcing, purchasing and delivery of your new room. Email us hello@orlovdesigncollective to chat further.